Working with our cultural values to achieve a sustainable future: 29. November 2011.

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize some of the implicit cultural values and deep frames of our time. The workshop will also present some principles that may help you formulate communication strategies, which support action on solving bigger-than-self problems such as climate change, world poverty or overexploitation of natural resources. Objectives:

  • Highlight a number of the ways in which communications, campaigns, and even government policy, inevitably serve to activate and strengthen some values rather than others.
  • to join a discussion about ways in which we might begin to work collaboratively to re-focus public debate on the importance of cultural values.
  • to enthuse and embolden progressive actors in the public, private and third sectors through a deeper grasp of the importance of cultural values.

Mehr Informationen: Wann: 29. November 2011 Wo: Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Vienna (MA 22), Dresdner Straße 45, 1200 Wien