Klimafreundliche Forschung: online Konferenz, 11. – 15. November 2013.

Im Rahmen des durch die Allianz Nachhaltiger Universitäten in Österreich durchgeführten Projektes „Climate Friendly Climate Research findet von 11. bis 15. November eine online Konferenz statt. Interessierte Teilnehmer/innen willkommen! Info’s unter: www.cfcr-conference2013.eu Weitere Informationen auf Englisch: In the framework of the “Climate-Friendly Climate Research” (CFCR) project an online conference will be held from November 11th – 15th. The conference will present and discuss the climate impact of the research system and look at ways of overcoming institutional barriers to mitigating its carbon footprint, together with the international community of (climate) researchers and stakeholders e.g. funding bodies. With the ‘climate-friendly climate research‘ project, the Alliance of Austrian Sustainable Universities in cooperation with the Climate Change Centre Austria and with financial support from the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research, seeks a breakthrough in climate-friendly research by reducing the carbon footprint of climate (and other) research whilst increasing its credibility. The project is conducted in the context of the European Joint Programming Initiative JPI CLIMATE in cooperation with European partners in climate research and research programming and funding. Further information about the project:
http://ccca.boku.ac.at/verantwortung?lang=en The conference will be held online using a web based online conference system. Participants are invited to participate from the comfort of his or her office or from home. A headset and webcam will be required to broadcast audio and/or video. Our aim is to create a conference programme full of learning opportunities. The conference programme will focus on translating ideas, experiences and theory into real, practical applications. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved and easily interact with speakers via chat and voice. The conference is also conceived as a real-life experiment where solutions identified within the CFCR project are put into practice and the experiences of participants are documented and evaluated.