Danube AgriFood Master

Das „International Joint Degree Master Programme Sustainability in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Technology in the Danube Region“ wurde von der Österreichischen UNESCO-Kommission als österreichisches Dekadenprojekt ausgezeichnet.

The Master "Sustainability in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Technology in the Danube Region", jointly offered by nine universities of the ICA Regional Network for Central and South Eastern European Life Science Universities (www.ica-casee.eu), has been selected as an Austrian “UN Dekadenprojekt” for Education for Sustainable Development by the Austrian UNESCO Commission. This is already the second award for this Master program, after the Sustainability Award by the BMWFWF / BMLFUW.

“UN-Dekadenprojekte” are projects which promote and implement sustainable education. They are selected according to the following criteria:

The project:

  • contributes to the establishment of sustainable educational work
  • considers all  three dimensions of sustainability (economy, environment and social)  in combination
  • is participative and gender-sensitive
  • supports open-minded and holistic learning
  • is methodically diverse and interdisciplinary
  • can be directly related to everyday life
  • encourages versatile opinions and leads to changes in behaviour
  • is evaluated and has measures in place for ongoing quality assurance

Further information: http://www.unesco.at/bildung/dekadenpro.htm