Participation revisited

Citizen science, community research and change: join the lecture April 3-7 and the evening event on April 5

In a time of uncertain climatic impacts and ever increasing pressure on natural resources, the sustainable management thereof becomes paramount. Only by ensuring participation throughout the decision making process can concerted action bring about a sustainable solution to natural resource governance. Prof. Anna Lawrence of the University of Highlands and Islands, with her research, sets out to bridge the gap between policy and participation. By including communities and citizens through innovative solutions her research brings participatory methods and natural resource governance to the fore. Her most recent research deals with forest ownership changes in Europe, as well as silviculture, innovation and forest governance. For the summer semester of 2017 we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Anna Lawrence as a guest lecturer at BOKU – where she will hold the lecture Participation revisited – citizen science, community research and change. The course will allow you to work on actual cases to explore different approaches to participation and recognise principles of successful participatory processes relevant to your disciplinary background.

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In an evening event, Prof Lawrence will discuss current issues of citizen science with an interested audience. Join the discussion on April, 5th 2017 at 18:00 in lecture hall "EG03" at Simony-Haus.

Anna Lawrence is hosted by the Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy and the Centre for Development Research.