Guest Professor


Guest Professor at Department of Biotechnology

Prof. Nicholas R. Forsyth
Director of Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine
Keele University, UK

Developmental and stem cell biology
(in Eng.) 791031, 2 ECTS
29 May – 2 June 2017

  • Human development – Fertilisation to birth.
  • Development and stem cell biology.
  • Physiological settings and their implications for in vitro stem cell culture.
  • Stem cell differentiation: simple systems/complex challenges
  • Stem cell-based therapy and lessons from physiology, legal situation in UK

Host: Prof. Cornelia Kasper, Verena Charwat

Prof. Nicholas Forsyth studied Molecular Biology with focus on Molecular Genetics. After Post Doc period at UTSW Medical Center (Texas/USA) and Roslin Institute he was employed at Keele University as lecturer and since 2014 he holds a Full University Professorship “Stem Cell Biology” at Guy Hilton Research Laboratories, Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine, Keele University. He is also Associate Director Position– ISTM Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine, Research Theme Lead (2012 – present), Cell Therapy Suite Director (2010 – present) and University Biological Safety Advisor (2007 – present) and was Guest Professor 2013 – 2015 at Sichuan University and at Guangzhou University. Editor and reviewer for numerous international journals and member of scientific societies as well as recipient of fellowships and prices/awards/funding.