Manuel Miró

at the Department of Chemistry from June 19 - 23

Manuel Miró, PhD
FI-TRACE group
Department of Chemistry
University of the Balearic Islands
Carretera de Valldemossa km 7,5
E-07122 Palma de Mallorca
Illes Balears, Spain

Manuel Miró is Associate Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). He is habilitated as a Full Professor and is Team Leader of the group FI-TRACE (Flow Injection and Trace Analysis) at UIB. He is Reviews Editor of Analytica Chimica Acta (top 5 journal in the Analytical Chemistry area) since 2007 and a Delegate of the Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry Division.

Manuel Miró is author of over 150 scientific papers within the time frame 2000-2017 in internationally renowned analytical chemistry periodicals including 9 chapters for books and encyclopaedias. His current h-factor is 34 and has received over 3200 citations.

His research interests are focused on the development of automated analytical methods for preconcentration and detection of trace levels of inorganic and organic contaminants in environmental compartments exploiting the various generations of flow injection in hyphenation with modern analytical instrumentation. In recent years, he has placed particular emphasis on the characterization and exploitation of bioaccessibility tests in a dynamic fashion for risk assessment of trace elements in solid substrates of environmental interest.


Automation of environmental assays in risk assessment studies    
771002 VU, 2 ECTS
June 19 - 23 2017

The VU consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The lectures will address (1) Concept and principles of automation based on flow-based approaches, (2) The role of automation in the analytical process: Sampling, sample preparation and detection and (3) Principles and theoretical background on Risk assessment and exposure of inorganic and organic pollutants in environmental solid matrices. The practical course will be organized in 3-4 units and deals with the topic of on-line sample pre-treatment and bioaccessibility analysis of elemental contaminants using flow injection and speciation based approaches with ICP-MS detection.

Scientific presentation:
Recent trends in bioaccessibility/bioavailability testing of environmental contaminants in solid materials in the framework of exposome studies
Wed June 21st , 14:00 (location will be announced)

Host: Stephan Hann, Division of Analytical Chemistry