Simone Castellarin Gastprofessor an der BOKU

Prof. Dr. Castellarin (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA) lehrt im Januar 2019 an der Abt. Wein- und Obstbau.

Prof. Simone Diego Castellarin is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and a Canada Research Chair in Viticulture and Plant Genomics. The Castellarin laboratory investigates the physiological and molecular aspects that underlay fruit ripening and the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, and how they are modulated during ripening by the environment and viticultural practices. Castellarin’s lab is multidisciplinary combining field and greenhouse experiments and targeted and untargeted analysis of metabolites and transcripts. This research aims to promote the development of new practices to increase grape and wine quality in BC vineyards and wineries. He has also collaborated in a breeding program that led to the selection of ten new fungus-resistant varieties with first-class wine quality. Prof. Castellarin will be teaching the course "Traditional and molecular aspects of grapevine breeding and selection" (958341) at BOKU's University and Research Center in Tulln/Donau from 8th to 16th January 2019.