World Ocean Day

Students of the Institute for Development Research want to talk … about plastic! They invite you to join their symposium to learn more about how plastic impacts our health, how it affects ecosystems and wildlife, what challenges we face in the fight for a more sustainable future and how you can contribute to solving the plastic problem.

Beside the COVID pandemic challenges we have a lot of others: the plastic problem which affects wildlife, nature and people all over the world.

While it is most associated with oceans: 80% of plastic pollution originates from sources on land and is transported to the oceans via our rivers, it is a problem for all ecosystems. 

The scientific community has only scratched the surface of the medical and environmental implications of plastic pollution and specifically microplastic. 

Get inspired by our panel of experts:

Dr. Marcel Liedermann
Senior Scientist (BOKU) with a focus on microplastic in the Danube and water ecosystems 

Prof. Dr. Lukas Kenner
Medical University Vienna, he will be sharing his insights into the effects of plastic on human health 

Laura Young, MSc
zero-waste advocate, sustainability graduate and Ted Talk speaker, who is currently working in Glasgow

Join us on World Ocean Day, June 8th, 17.00-19.00, to learn more about the impact that plastic has on the environment, animals and humans.

We are looking forward to see you on Zoom:

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# Let's leave this plastic world!

Looking forward seeing you!