The Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change:

Taking Stock and Providing Guidance

Go-Adapt was a political science research project that aimeds to provide insights on how governments address key governance challenges in the context of climate change adaptation, such as improving horizontal and vertical policy integration, coping with uncertainties, and involving stakeholders. In more detail, Go-Adapt aimed to:

a) provide an overview of adaptation governance approaches in 10 OECD countries (stock taking survey); 

b) show how the surveyed approaches actually function in selected adaptation policies (case studies);

c) draw lessons from experiences with similar governance approaches in related policy fields such as climate change mitigation and sustainable development (extended literature review), and,

d) provide guidance on how to advance the governance of climate change adaptation, in particular in countries that are at early stages of establishing respective policy frameworks such as Austria (a country in which Go-Adapt partner Umweltbundesamt is strongly involved in all ongoing activities leading to a national adaptation strategy).

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The project was funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds ACRP programme. It ran from April 2010 until December 2012. Final reports have been submitted in June 2013.