Pouyan Abbasi Maedeh

During his research stay at IGT, Mr. Abbasi Maedeh completed his PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Ali Ghanbari from University of Kharazmi, Iran, and Prof. Wu. His worked is related to soil structure interaction, fluid structure interaction and dynamic behavior of vessels.

The PhD-title of Mr. Abbasi Maedeh is “Assessment of dynamic behavior of elevated tanks considering fluid structure interaction effects”. In 2015 Professor Wu accepted to cooperate with Professor Ali Ghanbari from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kharazmi as his thesis supervisor. Mr. Abbasi was able to publish five academic papers which concluded from his PhD thesis. According to the content of his PhD thesis, he has developed new relations to calculate the natural period of elevated tanks considering fluid structure soil interaction effects. He also developed two new analytical models for finding the natural period of elevated tanks considering soil participation, and additionally new coefficients to consider the soil effects on natural period calculated from international codes. During his research time at our institute, Mr. Abbasi Maedeh finished his PhD-thesis and corrected his papers for publication. For future research, he also worked on a new topic “The effects of dynamic loads on slope stabilization considering vegetated reinforcement”. In cooperation with the colleagues at the institute he also worked on centrifuge soil laboratory tests in the institute laboratory.