Core Facility Biomolecular & Cellular Analysis


COVID-19 safety rules

The BOKU Core Facility Biomolecular & Cellular Analysis (BmCA) is usually visited by many Users every day. To minimize the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and to keep the Core Facility open you have to follow our safety rules.

  1. Consistent with the BOKU rules, the Core Facility applies 2.5G to protect users and staff.
  2. If you have a confirmed booking of an instrument, you are allowed to enter the Core Facility. If you bring an accompanying person you must report this person to a staff member of the Core Facility for contact tracing purposes.
  3. If a distance of 2 m cannot be maintained, an FFP2 mask is mandatory when working in the Core Facility (can be provided by the Core Facility).
  4. When entering the Core Facility, always wash and disinfect your hands.
  5. Always wear gloves when working in the Core Facility (can be provided by the Core Facility).
  6. You must not enter the facility when having fever or show any known symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

For all questions, please email to bmca(at)!

The BOKU Core Facility Biomolecular & Cellular Analysis (BmCA) is a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory with focus on biomolecular characterization and characterization of biomolecular interactions, protein crystallography as well as flow cytometry.

Beside high-end instrumentation, we offer the possibility to prepare your samples in the most optimal way. We provide basic laboratory equipment and we offer two PC work stations which are accessible for all Core Facility users to utilize the (licenced) special software of the various instruments.

Besides providing instruments, we offer professional training to the certain techniques as well as consultation regarding experimental setup and design. Further, it is possible to make use of our full-service, which comprises the measurements of your samples by trained staff and the generation of experimental reports.

Biomolecular analysis

A strong focus lies on the investigation and characterization of all kinds of biomolecular interactions. For that purpose, we are equipped with:

For characterization of biomolecules in terms of molecular weight, thermal stability, thermodynamics of unfolding, aggregation behaviour, size and zeta potential, the following equipment is available:

Cellular analysis

As our name implies, we also offer techniques for the analysis of cells or cellular components. This part is mainly covered by flow cytometry:

Further, there is the possibility to measure size distribution and zeta potential of primarily extracellular vesicles using nano particle tracking analysis (ZetaView, particle-metrix):

Protein crystallization

The new area in our Core Facility is protein X-ray crystallography. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for the crystallization of proteins and subsequent analysis. For that purpose, we are equipped with:

We also provide tools and equipment for crystal harvesting, freezing, storage and dry shippers for sending crystals to the synchrotron. Shipment of crystals and data collection is part of our service.

We are a member of ARBRE-MOBIEU.


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