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Our main research focus is on the characterisation of the biological roles of posttranslational protein modifications and their underlying molecular pathways. We place great emphasis on protein glycosylation and the function of glycans in different cellular processes and organisms as well as the elucidation of the mechanisms governing proteolytic processing in cells. In this context research activities focus on pathway engineering of plants (i.e. Nicotiana benthamiana) for the production of recombinant proteins exhibiting full integrity and defined glycosylation profiles to investigate their biological role and to optimise therapeutic potencies.

Research groups and principal investigators:

Alexandra Castilho
» Plant Glycoengineering

Doris Lucyshyn
» Signal Integration

Jennifer Schoberer 
» Glyco-Cell Biology

Georg Seifert
» Plant Cell Walls

Herta Steinkellner
» Molecular Plant Biotechnology

Richard Strasser 
» Molecular Plant Glycobiology

DAGZ > Research areas > Glycobiology