• The CEEPUS grant is a full ride.
  • The CEEPUS grant is awarded by the host country. You can find further information about the scholarship rate on
  • Mobility grant of the Oead GmbhH (Austrian exchange service) if your stay is longer than two months: 200 euro per month
  • Travel grant of the OeAD GmbH: minimal stay of 21 days, dependent on host country
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The host country awards the grant!
    From the OeAD GmbH you get the mobility and travel costs grants.

Studienbeihilfenbezieher/innen have to apply for an aid for foreign studies at the  „Studienbehilfe“ agency.


  • 1 to 10 months per bachelor or master cycle
  • For bachelor students a minimal duration of three months
  • For the participation in summer schools and accordingly excursions bachelor students can go below the minimal duration of stay
  • If you are nominated for a three- monthly grant, you are expected to stay four months (one full semester) as the grant is sufficient