CEEPUS - Central European Exchange Program for University Studies

Welcome at the CEEPUS information site of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna -  BOKU!

CEEPUS is an inter-university cooperation and mobility programme for students and lecturers. The following countries participate in the CEEPUS programme: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech, Kosovo, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.

The student exchange is in the framework of university networks. Each network has a thematic focus. The cooperation is carried out by institutes/faculties or departments of the relative universities, which work in the same field. There is a academic coordinator in each of these faculties, who assists the students.


Here you can find the websites of the universities and faculties and the network descriptions:
Networklist: https://www.ceepus.info/content/find
Or you can use this link to search for a Network listed sorted by University or sorted by CPnr. (CEEPUS Network Number).

English is the common language and language of instruction.

The academic networks of BOKU
*Code= "CEEPUS Network Number (CPnr.)" or "Freemover"

  • Agriculture and Environment in the 21st Century - @groen
    Code CIII-HU-0003 academic coordinator Univ. Prof. Hans- Peter Kaul.
  • Modern Approaches for Design, Production and Operation of Vehicles (MADPOV) (currently not active)
  • CIII-BG1502 academic coordinator Univ.Prof. Dr. Yusak Susilo
  • For safe and healthy food in Middle-Europe
    Code CIII-HR-0306 academic coordinator Priv.Doz. Matthias Schreiner.
  • Landscape Management - Sustainable land use perspectives in Central European Region
    Code CIII-CZ-0311 academic coordinator Dr. Roland Tusch.
  • Modern Technologies of finishing wood and wood based materials (currently not active)
    Code CIII-PL-1308 academic coordinator Dr. Rupert Wimmer.
  • Applied Economics and Management
    Code CIII-SK-0044 academic coordinator Prof. Rainer Haas.
  • Engineering as Communication Language in Europe
    Code CIII-PL-0701 academic coordinator Prof. Alfred Strauss.
  • Managerial Processes in International Environment
    Code CIII-CZ-0911 academic coordinator Prof. Rainer Haas.
  • Training and research in environmental chemistry and toxicology
    Code CIII-SI-0905 academic coordinator Prof. Dr. Jose L. Toca-Herrera.
  • Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD
    Code CIII-RS-1012 academic coordinator PhD Rafat Al Afif.
  • Improving Food Quality with Novel Food Processing Technologies
    Code CIII-RS-1512 academic coordinator PhD Rafat Al Afif.
  • Reinforcement of research, professional, and education capacities for application in sample preparation of various origins before the corresponding analysis.
    Code CIII-RS-1816 academic coordinator  Dr. Anca-Iulia Stoica
  • "Green" buildings as solutions to achieve sustainable environmental goals. (new)
    Code CIII-PL-0000 academic coordinator Dr. Florian Kretschmer


The academic coordinators are responsible for the crediting of the courses and the academic advice.