CEEPUS - Central European Exchange Program for University Studies


Welcome at the CEEPUS information site of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna -  BOKU!

CEEPUS is an inter-university cooperation and mobility programme for students and lecturers. The following countries participate in the CEEPUS programme: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech, Kosovo, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.

The student exchange is in the framework of university networks. Each network has a thematic focus. The cooperation is carried out by institutes/faculties or departments of the relative universities, which work in the same field. There is a academic coordinator in each of these faculties, who assists the students.

Here you'll find a map of the Universities participating in the CEEPUS-Programme (Updated: 2015)

The academic networks of BOKU (status as of 2018)
*Code= "CEEPUS Network Number (CPnr.)" or "Freemover"

  • Agriculture and Environment in the 21st Century - @groen
    Code CIII-HU-0003-14-1819. academic coordinator Univ. Prof. Hans- Peter Kaul.
  • For safe and healthy food in Middle-Europe
    Code CIII-HR-0306-10-1819. academic coordinator Dr. Mathias Schreiner.
  •  New directions for forestry sciences in Central Europe
    Code CIII-PL-0114-13-1819. academic coordinator Dipl. Ing. Dr. Bakk. techn. Gernot Erber.
  •  Landscape Management - Sustainable land use perspectives in Central European Region
    Code CIII-CZ-0311-11-1819. academic coordinator Dr. Roland Tusch.
  •  Modern Technologies of finishing wood and wood based materials
    Code CIII-PL-1308-01-1819. academic coordinator Dr. Rupert Wimmer.
  •  Applied Economics and Management
    Code CIII-SK-0044-13-1819. academic coordinator Prof. Rainer Haas.
  •  Engineering as Communication Language in Europe
    Code CIII-PL-0701-07-1819 academic coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat. techn. Alfred Strauss.
  • Managerial Processes and its Optimization and Valuation
    Code CIII-CZ-0911-04-1819 academic coordinator (tba)
  • Training and research in environmental chemistry and toxicology
    Code CIII-SI-0905-05-1819 academic coordinator Prof. Dr. Jose L. Toca-Herrera.
  • Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD
    Code CIII-RS-1012-04-1819 academic coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Frohner.
  • Biology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences
    Code CIII-SK-1018-04-1819 academic coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Clemens Karl Peterbauer.
  • Applied Hydroinformatics
    Code CIII-AT-RS-1112-03-1819 academic coordinator Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. Michael Trtithart. The academic coordinators are responsible for the crediting of the courses and the academic advice.

Here you can find the websites of the universities and faculties and the network descriptions:
Networklist:  https://ceepus.info/public/network/network_info.aspx#nbb
Or you can use this link to search for a Network listed sorted by University or sorted by CPnr. (CEEPUS Network Number) : https://ceepus.info/public/network/network.aspx#nbb
English is the common language and language of instruction.