Traineeships for recent graduates

It is also possible to get an Erasmus+ grant for a traineeship that takes place after you have graduated from BOKU (Traineeships of recent graduates). An internship for recent graduates counts towards the available Erasmus months (max. 12!) of the recently completed study cycle.

  • An internship of recent graduates must take place after your graduation at BOKU and  has to be completed within 12 months after graduation, and
  • grantees must no longer be enrolled as students (at BOKU or any other university) during the internship.
  • Maximum funding period: 3 months.
  • Students interested in applying for an Erasmus+ grant for a traineeship for recent graduates have to apply for the grant within the application deadline or at least two months (8 weeks) before they graduate from BOKU.

The completed application information/documents have to be uploaded in Mobility Online. Applying for a Erasmus+ grant for a traineeship for recent graduates after graduation is not possible. 

>> Click here to apply in the online application database for your Erasmus+ grant for your traineeship as a recent BOKU graduate
(Do not open with Internet Explorer but use a differnt browser instead) and follow the instructions listed at "How to apply". 

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