The most important steps that you need to complete before, during and after your stay abroad are listed in detail in Mobility Online. Every applicant has his/her own workflow with further information in Mobility Online. In addition, further steps may be necessary, such as the OLS language assessments, etc.

Application period

Students can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship throughout the year. The complete application (including all documents and signatures) has to be available in Mobility Online at least two months (8 weeks) before departure (for traineeships of recent graduates: application has to be completed at least two months before graduation from BOKU). Period of the traineeship:

  • Academic year 2020/21: 2 - 12 months, between 01.06.2020 and 30.09.2021

There are limited Erasmus+ grants available for traineeships starting in June, July or August 2021. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit your application as soon as possible!

  • Academic year 2021/22: 2 - 12 months, from 01.09.2021 (Application opens in summer 2021)

Before departure

1. Complete your application (including all documents) in Mobility Online in time.

2. BOKU-International Relations will check your application and nominate you for an Erasmus+ traineeship in the database Students Online by the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD).

3. Students Online is the database OeAD uses for administering Erasmus+ grants. Shortly before your traineeships starts you need to download your Erasmus+ contract from Students Online and send two signed hardcopies to OeAD by regular mail.

4. You will then receive 80% of your grant from OeAD (transferred to your Austrian bank account).

Students whose main working language is not their mother tongue have to complete the OLS language assessment (first assessment) before the beginning of their stay abroad. OLS stands for "Online Linguistic Support". You will get an email with the link to this online assessment. If the result of your assessment is poor, you may take an online language course (optional). Towards the end of your stay abroad you will have to do a second OLS language assessment in your main working language. Both assessments are mandatory, the online language course (if applicable), on the other hand, is optional.

Tuition fees during your stay abroad

In case you have to pay a tuition fees at BOKU, tuition fees can be waived if your Erasmus+ traineeship will take place during regular semester times (Exception: internships of recent graduates). The ÖH fee has to paid. See also tuition fee waiver


Accident and liability insurance

Accident and liability insurance is generally provided by paying the ÖH administrative fee. This insurance coverage is also available for accidents or damages that occur during your studies when completing semesters abroad or internships abroad in Europe.

Information on policy numbers, insurance sums as well as damage reports can be found on the ÖH BOKU website.

A confirmation of insurance can be requested at ÖH. Send an e-mail (subject: confirmation) with your confirmation of BOKU enrollment to studierendenversicherung(at) and the following data: first and last name, current residential address, matriculation number, name of the educational institution you are studying at.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

With the European Health Insurance Card/"European Krankenversicherungskarte" (see on the back of your e-card) you are covered by health insurance in all EU/EEA countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Switzerland, Serbia. For Serbia, please note that you must present the EHIC to the social insurance institution applicable to your place of residence and exchange it for a valid entitlement certificate. Check the validity of your e-card before your stay abroad and make sure that all fields on the back of the e-card are filled in completely. If you do not have a valid health insurance card, apply for the "Certificate as a provisional replacement for the EHIC" ("Bescheinigung als provisorischer Ersatz für die EKVK") from your health insurance provider well in advance before your trip abroad.

In Turkey, the European Health Insurance Card is not valid. Therefore, please inform yourself at the customer service of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund whether the possibility for health insurance exists due to bilateral agreements.

In addition to the information provided, please inform yourself about suitable and sufficient international insurance coverage before your stay abroad and contact your host institution in advance if special insurance is recommended for your stay there.

Further information on the topic of insurance can also be obtained from the ÖH BOKU, from your social insurance or from your host institution.

During your traineeship

If you need to change your Learning Agreement for Traineeships or extend your traineeship, please do the coresponding steps in Mobility Online.
Shortly before the end of your internship, you have do to the second OLS language assessment online. You will get all information by e-mail on time.

If you finish your traineeship before the planned end date (e.g. due to problems with your employer or due to poor health) you will most likely have to pay back all of your Erasmus money. It is extremely important that you contact the responsible person at BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) and OeAD before terminating your traineeship prematurely and ask about your options.

Upon return

Prepare the following documents:

  • Fill ou the EU Online survey (link will be sent by email)
  • Confirmation of Stay: print it out from Mobility Online and have it signed by your host institution, then send the original hardcopy to OeAD by regular mail, upload a scan to Mobility Online, and submit a copy to the Study Services office (Studienservices) (internships of recent graduates: submission of confirmation of stay to Study Services office is not necessary); OeAD will transfer the rest of your Erasmus grant.
  • Traineeship Certificate: print it out from Mobility Online, have it signed by your host institution, and upload a scan to Mobility Online.
  • Report of your Erasmus+ experience: you will get the template by email

Be aware that you will be asked to present and talk about your Erasmus+ experience at some events at BOKU by BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR), e.g. during the International Days. Your colleagues are happy if you share your tips and motivate them to do an experience abroad.

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