The Erasmus grant only covers the higher living costs in the host country, and the grant rates vary by country (400-560 Euro/month).

Students will receive 80% of their grant prior to departure and 20% after submitting all their papers upon returning to Austria.

Funding rates 2020/21:

Group Countries Monthly rate
1 Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom EUR 580,-/month
2 Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus EUR 530,-/month
3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary EUR 480,-/month

Additional grants

There are additional grants for students with special needs (medical certificate) as well as for students with children. Please contact your Erasmus coordinator at BOKU-International Relations for more information.

For additional grants, please see:

  • Some federal states (Bundesländer) provide grants, further details can be found on the website of the Landesregierung.
  • Cultural institutes and embassies also sometimes give scholarships to students.
  • IMPORTANT: An Erasmus grant must not be combined with another study abroad grant directly financed by the BMWFW, BMBF or another federal unit; also, it must not be combined with other EU grants (e.g. Joint Master degree grant).

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