BOKU students can complete a BOKU study related internship somewhere in Europe.


All EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey

Internship in the United Kingdom can be done within the Erasmus+ programme at least until September 2021.
Internships in Switzerland cannot be funded by Erasmus+ (see SEMP).

Which institutions are eligible?

The traineeship can be done at any company, training or research center, university (e.g. laboratory, research unit,…), NGOs, national parks, ... as long as it is study related.

Combine your traineeship with your Bachelor/Master/PhD Thesis and do a traineeship in the context of your research work for your thesis.

Please note: according to the Erasmus+ Guidelines institutions from the European Union, organisations that administrate EU programmes, private persons and member of European parliament

How to find a traineeship

There is no database for traineeship offers at BOKU-International Relations at BOKU, but offers are published here.

The following links can help you to find your placement:

...or ask professors, at BOKU Institutes, take a look at information boards, partner universities, etc....