Joint Study - first steps:

Information concerning application can be found here: How to apply. Please note the admission period and deadline. You must appear in person to get access to BOKUonline and course registration: Academic calender

Plan your Studies at BOKU:

Plan your Life in Vienna:

After your arrival, there are a couple of administrative issues to organize. Here you can find a guidance: Checklist of Arrival

You can find further information in the brochure BOKUtipps.
Please note the Welcome Days and language courses before the start of the semester!

After your registration at the study services you need to fill in the USTAT1 form in BOKUonline. For this you need the "Ersatzkennzahl" (alternative number) for the Austrian Social Security Number.
You can find this "Ersatzkennzahl" in your "Studienblatt" (records of studies) that you can download in BOKUonline (-> enrolment documents, top right corner).

Joint Study - second semester /  extension of stay:

If you would like to extend your stay, please contact your home university to see if this is possible.
If your home University agrees please send an Email to jointstudy(at) to let us know that you will stay one more semester. Your letter of admission to BOKU is valid for 2 semesters. In order to extend your stay at BOKU, you have to pay the obligatory student union fee (ÖH-Beitrag) (you don't have to pay a tution fee but student union fee is obligatory!) in the Study Services office or via Bank transfer:

You will find the prescribed amount in BOKUonline:

The amount must be paid by the end of the grace period (usually November 30 / April 30 but please check the academic calendar: If you do not pay your student union fee (ÖH-Beitrag) at the beginning of each semester, you will be automatically deregistered from your studies and will no longer have access to BOKUonline, the e-mail address, certificates, examinations, transcripts etc. If you don't pay you are no longer student at BOKU.

Joint Study - last steps:

If you need a confirmation of stay, come to our Office prior to your departure.

Before you are leaving, have a look on the Checklist of Departure. Be aware that we don´t send your transcript of records automatically. You can find more informations here:

Checklist Departure

How to get your transcript of records:

You can find your transcripts at BOKUonline: BOKUonline

Click on the link for description on how to find exam results and certificates: Self service for students
Click on the link for information concerning enrolment confirmations and creating valid documents (transcripts): Valid documents

If your university does not accept the valid document with digital signatur first check in BOKUonline if all results are already posted and then contact: jointstudy(at) Only if you contact us the transcript will be signed and stamped and sent to your home university.

If you do not take an exam or do not meet any other requirements (project work, seminar paper, presentation...) for the completion of a course, this course will not appear on your transcript. There is no "incomplete" in the transcript. You have to register for the exam via BOKUonline. Information on how to register for the exam can be found here: