Current and completed projects of the Working Group Knowledge Systems and Innovation can also be found on the BOKU Research Database of the respective staff member. In the Folder Blog you can find posters, films and presentations that were produced in the course of projects.

Current Projects

Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS): facts and fiction on the concept of participation

UrbanWildFoods – Gathering wild foods in urban areas – mixed-methods study on ecological and socio-political sustainability of gathering in Vienna

"Homegrown - There’s nothing like a homegarden!" - Agro-biodiversity in farmers’ homegardens (A Sparkling Science Proect)

Action Research on Reviving the Diversity of Crops and their Cultivars in the Alps - The Case of the Village of Assling

Lessons Learned for the Management Policy of the Biosphere Reserve “Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yanesha” (Peru) based upon the inhabitants’ local knowledge and available global scientific knowledge (A Man and Biosphere Project, UNESCO).

OrganicWildGathering – Gathering of wild plant species in organic farming

Completed Projects

McKioto - Biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of young people´s eating habits

Project leader: Vogl Reinhard Christian; Coordination: Heidemarie Pirker; Duration: 01.10.2012-31.05.2014

Project website

More information in the BOKU research database (FIS)

Sparkling Science website

COMBIOSERVE: Community-based management strategies for biocultural diversity conservation

Project coordination: Schunko Christoph, Vogl Reinhard Christian; Duration: 15.01.2012-14.01.2015

MORE / Página en español

Project website / COMBIOSERVE YouTube Channel

Link to BOKU research database (FIS)

Boden:Kultur. An ethnopedological assessment of soil & culture in the Province Burgenland (Austria)

Project leader: Vogl Reinhard Christian; Project manager & contact: Wahlhütter Sebastian; Duration: 01.10.2012-30.09.2015

Project website

More information in the BOKU research database (FIS)