Summary of our inputs in the last years

This working group recognizes organic agriculture as farming system that is generated by an interplay and interdependency of ecological, social, economic and cultural components.
 We concentrate on the actors within this system, the people, focusing on their relationships with each other as well as with their environment. We aim to understand the actors’ characteristics, knowledge and practices. This understanding shall contribute to the development of organic farming. Here you can find a selection of inputs from the last years.

Update plannef for 02/2023.

Inputs 2017

  • Project: Urban organic agriculture and local food systems @Course: Organic farming and regional development - Page
  • Sri Lanka: February 2017 BOKU organizes with Peradeniya University a Certificate Course on Organic Farming in Kandy - Page
  • Guest lecture with John Rick Stepp: An introductory course on biocultural diversity research - Page

Inputs 2016

  • Term paper: Organic products in the box shemes - Results

Inputs 2015

  • Field trip: interdisciplinary excursion on organic farming - Sri Lanka - Results

  • Field trip: interdisciplinary excursion on organic farming - Cuba - Results - Article in BIORAMA (only in German)

  • Interview: Friedrich Leitgeb about Cuba and Food sovereignty in the Austrian Radio Ö1 - Interview (only in German)

  • Project: Boden:Kultur - An anthropological survey of soil culture in the Austrian province of Burgenland - Results
  • Bachelor thesis: Indoor Vermicomposting - recyclable amount, acceptance and motivation in Vienna - Abstract

Inputs 2014

  • Bachelor thesis: unheated cultivation and storage methods of winter vegetables - Abstract

Inputs 2013

Inputs 2012

  • Project: Dyeing techniques Hallstatt-Textiles - Projectpage

  • Project: McKioto - Biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of young people's eating habits - Projectpage

  • Project: COMBIOSERVE - effectiveness of community- based management for conserving biocultural diversity - Projectpage
  • Field trip: interdisciplinary excursion on organic farming - Bio Alpe Adria - Results (only in German)

  • Field trip: interdisciplinary excursion on organic farming - Cuba - Results (only in German)

  • Term paper: Community Supported Agriculture in the framework of the course Bachelor thesis in organic farming - Results (only in German)

Input 2011

  • Poster: "Pathways towards organic shrimp aquaculture: Challenges, potentials and risks under a livelihood perspective"- Poster

  • Videos: Experiments of organic farmers in Austria - brief documentation in the framework of a Master thesis - Results (only in German)

Input 2010

  • Project: Monitoring Biocultural Diversity - Link between the diversity of wild gathered species, traditionally grown crops and their cultivars to local peoples’s culture, profession and preferences in Großes Walsertal (Vorarlberg) - Projectpage

  • Poster: "The ethnobotany of baobab and tamarind - A regional study im West Africa" (DADOBAT)- Poster

  • Video and Poster: "The bark fibre connection" (DADOBAT) - Video - Poster

Input 2009

Input 2008

  • Project: Organic Farmers Experiment - Projectpage

  • Booklet: Organic Farmers Experiment - Experience, Creative, Organics - Farmers Innovations in Organic Farming (DE) (EN) (ES)
  • Poster: Organic Farmers Experiment -  Organic, Innovativ, Original (DE)

  • Photo exhibition: "Inventamos algo" Innovation by farmers in Cuba - Exhibition (only in German)