All along the line against food waste

Preventing waste or the EU-wide growing social, economic, ecological and political interest. Food waste has been an important area of ​​research at the BOKU's Institute of Waste Management for 10 years. The only results show that at household level alone in Austria, 207,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste are produced - an amount equivalent to the mass of 20 Eiffel Towers. With the analysis of food waste along the entire value chain:

Agricultural production: At the beginning of the harvest season, a "cleaning" pilot action is carried out to harvest carrots, onions, potatoes and pumpkin fields harvested from Vienna, determine harvest losses and post-harvest potential, and search for new marketing channels for rejected vegetables.

Trade: Every year, around 75,000 tonnes of foodstuffs are sold in Austria that are not sold; additional 35,000 tonnes of bread and biscuits to suppliers (ABF-BOKU). In the context of the end of 2016 launched FFG-industry project "STOP Waste - SAVE Food" in the ABF-BOKU together with the Institute of Food Technology of the BOKU and other project and industry partners very practical with the question whether optimized packaging really to an extension of food and thus lead to a reduction of food waste.

Out - of - home catering: in the context of various projects. (In large and small companies, event catering companies, ...). analyzed.(United Against Waste Homepage)

Households: Many activities of the ABF-BOKU aim to increase awareness of food waste by students and consumers, a household survey conducted in May 2017, the STREFOWA roadshow at the Wiener Mistfest 2017, a workshop at the KinderBOKU

or the development of teaching materials for 10-14 year olds or tailor-made teaching materials for students of Austrian tourism schools.

As a partner in the EU project, the ABF-BOKU is also involved in the methodological development of approaches to the valorisation of food waste.

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