Food waste in tourism schools

"The most important thing is to re-value food, to understand where it came from and what it took to make it." Heinz Reitbauer, 2017.

As part of our project "Food Waste in Tourism Schools", which takes place in cooperation with the ARA, we develop tailor-made teaching materials for the students of three Austrian tourism schools (Semmering, Moduln, St. Pölten) on the topic of food waste. The centerpiece of our work will be an impulse film featuring interesting personalities from the world of gastronomy and the hotel industry and talking about their personal strategies for avoiding food waste and their personal connection to this topic. We were able to recognize with enthusiasm the great importance the topic already has in the industry. ÖHV President and Head of the boutique hotel Stadthalle Michaela Reitterer as well as the award-winning boss of Steierereck Heinz Reitbauer immediately agreed to the interview and shared with us their valuable experience from decades of work at the highest level. We were also able to conduct an interview with the Hausgnost family whose family business "Gasthaus an der Kreuzung" has been attracting many enthusiastic visitors to Guntersdorf in the Weinviertel every day for years. Andrea Weidenauer, the kitchen manager at the Elisabethinen hospital in Linz, gives us an interview as an example of a canteen kitchen. We are pleased to present the film to you (in German)

Contact: DI Gudrun Obersteiner