United Against Waste - food waste in food service sector

On initiative of Unilever Food Solutions the action United Against Waste was implemented in several countries. Aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and set and initiate action to prevent food waste from gastronomy, canteen kitchens and catering. Further information related to the initiative can be found here (german only). ABF-BOKU is partner in Austria and on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management, the Federal states of Styria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vienna as well as tatwort nachhaltige Projekte GmbH a scientific study has been conducted. From July to end of September 2014 29 food service companies were analysed using a detailed waste sorting analysis. The food service companies included hotels, gastronomy and canteen kitchens (staff canteens, hospitals and nursing homes). Aim of the project is to provide a first data base related to Austrian food service sector using a harmonised methodology, develop recommendations for prevention measures and initiate a benchmark system for the first time.

Although the project was conduced in german, you can also find an abstract in english in the report!