LOWINFOOD : Multi-actor design of low-waste food value chains through the demonstration of innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste

27 partners from 12 countries are coming together to work on the 4-year EU project called "LOWINFOOD". LOWINFOOD is investigating a number of promising innovations to develop low-waste food value chains. The aim is to evaluate and improve these in order to be able to draw on even more effective tools for avoiding food waste in the future. The project team is concentrating primarily on particularly perishable products such as fruit and vegetables, bread and pastries, and fish, as well as the avoidance of food waste at the level of out-of-home catering and that of consumers.

The innovations selected for the LOWINFOOD project are very diverse and cover technical as well as social and administrative solutions. At all selected points of the value chain, the food losses before and after the implementation of the innovation are quantified in order to determine the savings potential. In addition to the efficiency of the measures, ecological and socio-economic impacts are also considered. Subsequently, the extent to which the innovation can also be implemented in a larger context and what socio-economic and ecological impacts arise as a result will be assessed.

Communication is also crucial to the success of the project - the international and interdisciplinary exchange of research partners, start-ups and companies providing innovative prototypes and measures, as well as companies and associations active in the food sector should lead to the best possible results.

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Contact: Silvia Scherhaufer

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