Our teaching philosophy

In general, it is important in courses beyond the mere factual knowledge to establish application and action knowledge at the students side. The establishment of all three levels of knowledge characterizes a good university education and is essential for a successful advancement in a working environment. Furthermore, the establishment of all these levels of knowledge is often defined as the decisive difference between universities and universities of applied sciences and can therefore be regarded as a potential unique selling point of the universities.

The sentence of Confucius: "I hear and forget, I see and I hold, I act and understand" can be seen as a guiding principle in this context. Following this, as teachers, we will try to provide as comprehensive and sustainable learning environment through explanations, examples, discussions and the provision of suitable exercises. The interactive way of working with you and the mixture of theoretical and practical parts in the courses should have a motivating effect on the one hand and on the other hand the relevance, the uncertainties and the challenges in the practical application of theoretical approaches.

Innovative teaching concepts

Teaching is of high importance for all HyWa members and we try to establish a innovative and research-oriented approach. The lecturers at HyWa try to come up with a synthesis of process understanding, measuring methods and modeling. In accordance with the learning objectives, different didactic concepts are implemented and in some cases, innovative concepts are also developed.

There is a great deal of interest in the development of hydrological experiments, which can also be used in the lecture hall for a better understanding.

Publikation in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

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Teaching in the field

Lecturers at HyWa taking the thesis of Confucius into account : I hear and forget, I see and hold, I act and understand. Therefore, practical and theoretical elements will be linked, if possible. The field traineeships are an important element in this context. Here, theoretical aspects of previous courses are taken up and deepened by means of practical experiments. Thus, a deeper understanding of processes should be created.

Advanced training