"The inner dimension of sustainability: the role of values, emotions and worldviews"

Humanity is facing increasingly complex environmental and sustainability problems. However, current problem-solving strategies do not seem sufficient to overcome these challenges and bring about a fundamental, transformative change towards a more sustainable world.

Against this background, the concept of the “inner dimension of sustainability” has emerged as a new research area. It includes and describes necessary changes in human consciousness, which are expressed in the form of values, ways of thinking, basic convictions, attitudes, world views and in dealing with emotions.

In this course we examine what the necessary change in values and awareness could look like in the population.

We shed light on central concepts at the interface between inner transformation and sustainability, such as: ecological mindfulness, values, worldviews, subjective well-being, human-nature-connectedness, global identity, empathy, etc. The students learn to critically reflect the “inner dimension of sustainability“ and to recognize starting points for one's own behavior.

In addition to theory units, an essential part of the course is an interactive practical week in the BOKU teaching forest!

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