"Courage to Sustainability"

Interactive lecture with 3 guest speakers in cooperation with Fridays for Future, ÖH BOKU, Risiko:dialog, the Federal Environment Agency Vienna, the ORF, the KPC, the Ministry of Life and the University of Vienna.

The aim of the course is to network and support students, scientists and interested parties who are involved in the Friday4Future movement. Current topics of the Friday4Future movement are scientifically discussed in the course units. In the first course unit, the content-related topics of the other units are determined together.

During the semester, the students work on their own small project, which requires the courage to be sustainable and should have a context to the Friday4Future movement. All further information on BOKU Online!

In addition, there are a number of public events at "Dialog für den Wandel" ("Dialogue for change"), at which experts present current challenges and discuss innovative ways and possibilities for a sustainable transformation of society.

You can find all current dates for the "Dialogue for change" series of events at: https://www.umweltbundesamt.at/mutzurnachhaltigkeit.

Here you will find a review and video recordings of past events: