• What is the purpose of the Master's thesis? 
    You should learn to work on a scientific question, do individual work and be able to defend your results.
  • When should I begin writing my thesis? 
    The Master's thesis shall be done in the fourth semester of the EUR-Organic Master programme. Therefore, the main supervisor should be found, and the task of the Master's thesis be fixed, by the end of the third semester or in the break between winter and summer term (i.e. between third and fourth semester).

  • Are there any forms/ contracts I need to sumbit before writing my thesis?
    You write the Master's thesis according to the regulations of the host university.
    You have to register your Master's thesis at the study services as soon as the task and the supervisors have been fixed.  According to the law the Master's thesis has to be registered before you start working on it.

    Please send the following documents to studienservices@boku.ac.at:
    • Form "Master's thesis registration (for courses of study with a presentation or defensio)"  with signatures of supervisor, co-supervisor and the head of the institute of the supervisor.
    • E-mail or confirmation from the programme coordinator, Prof. Vogl, that he agrees with supervisor and co-supervisor
    • E-mail or confirmation issued by the administrative coordinator at BOKU that co-supervisor of the home university is allowed to supervise the thesis according to the university rules of the home university.

  • How much time do I have to write my thesis? If there is a limit, what happens if the time span is exceeded?
    At BOKU there is no formal time period in which the Master's thesis must be completed.
    Note: As long as you have not graduated you will need to stay registered in the university system, and thus are responsible for paying all student fees which apply to you.
  • How do I find a supervisor? Who is allowed to be my supervisor?
    You are responsible for choosing your thesis topic and supervisor. To find a thesis-topic and supervisor you will have to contact potential supervisors directly. It is useful to pick a topic and supervisor in the area of your study which you personally prefer. Some departments/institue offer Master's thesis topics on their webpage or during a thesis fair which is promoted on their webpages. You can also check the pinboards of the institutes. Please also check BOKU's new thesis platform (only available with BOKUonline login).
    However, you can ask your local EUR-Organic coordinator to help with suitable suggestions.
    At BOKU university lecturers with high teaching credentials (Prof., Ao Prof, Priv.Doz – „habilitiert“) are allowed to act as your thesis supervisor or co-supervisor.

Please be aware that you have to take part in the Master's Thesis Seminar that is offered by your supervisor.