BOKU as host university (transfer to BOKU)

1. Choose your host university

After you have chosen BOKU as host university, the administrative coordinator of your home university will inform the administrative coordinator at BOKU and forward your admission documents to BOKU.

2. Fill in the BOKU admission form and submit missing documents

The EUR-Organic is a double degree programme. To be able to get the BOKU degree at the end you have to be enrolled at BOKU as full time student already from your second semester on (even, if you are physically not at BOKU yet).
Please fill in the application form.
(Be careful - on page 3 we need the exact date of graduation of your BSC degree (month is not sufficient)

You will need the following attachments (either originals or certified copies):

  • admission letter to the programme "EUR-Organic" at UHOH/AU
  • bachelor certificate with transcript of records (index stating subjects and marks)
  • proof of English language skills: please  submit one of the documents/certificates listed in the curriculum resp. master admission regulations of the EUR-Organic at your home university to prove your English language skills (EUR-Organic BOKU host students have to meet the English language requirements of their home university, these are then automatically accepted by the host university)

Please send the documents to the following address by May 30 (NOT to the address given on the application form):

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
BOKU-International Relations
Ulrike Piringer
Peter Jordanstr. 82a
1190 Vienna

3. Apply for ERASMUS at your home university

4. Apply for ERASMUS at BOKU

After having been nominated by your home university, you will get an e-mail with a link to the ERASMUS online application at BOKU.

BOKU as home university (transfer from BOKU to...)

1. Complete all additional courses written in your admission letter Please note: In case you have been admitted at BOKU with respective conditions up to 30 ECTS Credits in addition to your regular study programme, you will have to successfully accomplish these additional courses at BOKU BEFORE your exchange to your EUR-Organic Host University. The completion of these additional courses will be checked, when you submit your ICP (deadline: June 20). We highly recommend that you complete the additional courses in the first 2 semesters of your study and that you inform yourself about the maximum study period at the partner universities on time!

2. Choose your host university and apply for ERASMUS at BOKU The exchange to the host university is organised via the ERASMUS programme. Please follow the ERASMUS application procedure at BOKU.

  • Deadline: Mid of January (for the following academic year)

If the transcript of records which you will need for the online application does not show enough credits, you can upload a note that you are EnvEuro student in the first semester and that you will submit the full transcript of records end of February /beginning of March.

3. After having been nominated by BOKU, apply at the partner university. 

4. Have your BOKU Individual Course Plan and the completion of your additional courses (see transcript of records) checked by the administrative EUR-Organic coordinator by June 20 of the semester BEFORE your exchange to the host university. After that it needs to be signed by the programme coordinator.

5. Transfer your credits to the partner university Please have the final version of your BOKU Individual Course Plan (with all signatures) and your transcript of records from BOKU (to be picked up at the Study services) checked at the host university at latest 3 months before you submit the master thesis there.