Students have to study at Lincoln University for 1 semester:

You have to take 30 ECTS of LU Master's courses (= 3 LU-units level 600; 20 LU credits = 10 ECTS)

  • ERST 630 (sem 1) or 636 (sem 2) - compulsory
  • 1 elective course in your field of specialisation
  • 1 research course: this component could be a specific research related course from the LU Calendar such as a research placement, research essay or a methods course. Alternatively it could be recorded as an unspecified research activity equivalent to 20 LU credits (= 10ECTS) undertaken with your co-supervisor (recognized at LU by a 'certificate of proficiency")

Additionally you will get 10 ECTS for the co-supervision of your thesis (called "dissertation" at LU)

Please check the currently valid curriculum to find out which courses you have to take at LU.

A list of courses offered at Lincoln University can be found at:
Please be aware that you are only allowed to choose master's courses (level 600)!

The selection of the thematic fields and related individual courses requires consent of the programme coordinator at Lincoln University.

Before you apply for the exchange, you have to make a first draft of your Narmee Individual Course Plan, which has to be approved by the Narmee Administrative Coordinator at BOKU.
The Individual Course Plan can be changed after arrival if necessary.

Grade Conversion LU-BOKU