Welcome Cecilia Furlan!

Wir freuen uns über einen Neuzugang am Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur, wo Cecilia Furlan in Lehre und Forschung tätig sein wird.

Dr. Arch. Cecilia Furlan is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Landscape Architecture, she is also collaborating as guest researcher at the Department of Urbanism, Delft University of Technology and in the Design Science Hub of University of Antwerp.

She holds advanced degrees in architecture (IUAV Venice 2010), in Urbanism (European Postgraduate Master in Urbanism, IUAV Venice and KU Leuven 2012), and a joint PhD in Urbanism and Engineering (IUAV Venice and KU Leuven 2017).

Cecilia’s interest focuses on urban landscape design towards sustainability and circularity. In particular, on sustainable urban landscape development under conditions of resource scarcity. She believes that cities and territories can do more with less, working towards sustainable growth.