L-x international lectures on Landscape Archtecture

Sarah A. Cowles (Ruderal, Tiblisi)

LX Landscape Interventions: Building Landscape Identity - Suburban to Soviet

LX looks into two different types of interventions: punctual artistic interventions of a temporary nature on the one hand and large scale landscape changes on an engineering level. We want to explore and expand the boundaries of landscape architecture by going beyond the design of limited objects, either in terms of the effect of real natural forces or the intellectual expansion of landscape interpretation. Therefore, we have assembled a number of speakers who will challenge our understanding by presenting their work and approaches.

Sarah Cowles is the director of Ruderal LLC. For Cowles, every site project is a forum to negotiate and invent new relationships of ecology and culture. She begins with the given, the site and its history, layering new elements that amplify the inherent intelligence of the site to construct new landscape identities and stories.
More: https://www.l-x.at/program/lx-landscape-interventions/

15.12.2022, 19 Uhr
Haus der Landschaft
Stumpergasse 41/1/R1, 1060 Wien
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Meeting-ID: 838 5650 4597
Kenncode: 588199

If you would like to come to the event in person at Haus der Landschaft, please register here: https://hausderlandschaft.org/landscape-interventions/