Workshop: 26th – 27th June

Finissage: 28th June, 6pm

Exhibition and Workshop at Garage Grande / KlimaBiennale Vienna

We cordially invite you to our exhibition “WHAT’s NEXT?”, where we explore the future of designing socio-ecologically just territories, cities, and landscapes. The exhibition showcases speculative visions, scenarios and driving agencies from young designers worldwide.

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In this moment of seemingly compounding global crises and existential concerns about the planet's future, it seems that there is no point of return. However, as Norwegian philosopher ArneNæss highlighted, this might not be true.

Delving into new ways of imagining the transitioning toward a climate-resilient future cohabitation between humans and non-human species and the redefinition of borders, distances, among and between contrasting and disparate proximities - of individuals, groups, society, species, and practices in space - will define alternatives, sometimes utopian strategies and vision to address the pressing issue of climate change.
To investigate those modalities and especially reopen the debate on the role of landscape, urbanism, and architecture, the exhibition gives voice to designers and thinkers of the future. It asks them what is the possible alternative future in which we will live and how: WHAT's NEXT?
In this online and physical exhibition, as Paola Vigano affirms, we value the role of imagination, visions, and utopians, not as a way to make fantasies but as a critical way to investigate realities. 

This exhibition is a collaborative project of the Klima Biennale Vienna 2024, brought to life by the Institute of Landscape Architecture at BOKU University and the Section of Environmental Technology and Design at Delft University of Technology. The exhibition is displayed from the 14th - 28th of June at Garage Grande, the projects are also showcased under

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Warm wishes
The WHAT's NEXT? Team

A cooperation project between the Institute of Landscape Architecture, Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences of Boku University (AT) and the Section of Environmental Technology and Design, Department of Urbanism of the Delft University of Technology (NL).

Overall responsibility of the project: Jennifer Fauster, Emilie Stecher, Cecilia Furlan

Coordination: Jennifer Fauster, Emilie Stecher, Cecilia Furlan, Daniela Maiullari, Alexander Wandl, Luca Iuorio

Art Director: Jennifer Fauster, Emilie Stecher
Designers: Flore Guichot; Nathan Fredrick; Francesco Lombardi; Finn Williams Higgings; Vaibhav Kumar Bansal ; Thijs de Boer; JP Boersma; Jelle Schotanus; Wiebke Stadtlander; Jeroni Mach Raubert; Daniele Rolli; Margherita Emma Tempo; Chiara Arnoldo; Teresa Bertolé; Federica Alessia Iossa; Emma Scanavacca; Karolina Alin Marvarics; Kugler Nina; Hasan Hashas; Luisa Martins; Ventsislav Kartselin; Kristin Karsten; Andreas Höfert; Alina Bruder; Filip Kortmann; Feline Kaaij; Gilles Hermanns; Manou Driessen; Hui Liu; Jakob Pesendorfer; Fruzsina Kovács; Marina Deffner; Yuhang Zhai; Floor Schepel; Giordana Panella;Disha Arora; Nomfundo Mthembu; Evgenia Vamvakousi; Frithasya Jeniardina Purba; Kristupas Kadys; Nikita Ham; Sebestyen Pfisztner; Leon Morscher; Ilaria Maurelli; Anna Kallegeri; Lea Hartmeyer; Aleksandra Kurkierewicz; Cecilia Gonzalez; Muñoz Ledo Diego Regalado;Maria Romanosova; Dogu Tonkur; Zofia Zatorska; Mia Barnard; Salma Marghich; Simonetta D'Ovidio; Frédérique Gélinas; Roberta Longo; Mariana Pereira Guimarães; Hermano Luz Rodrigues; Valentina Mier; Arturo Morales; Diana Tinoco; Memo Sánchez Cárdenas; Kevin Santus; Jacopo Taccari; Justine Ecker; Ali Dooley; Jiangyi DuLian Mae Tualla; Mark Auerbach; Sebastian Gaviria Gomez; Nicolas Lira; Taylor Wallace Madeira; Booyde Graaff; Lex Benes; Yanyao Cui; Danica Bowers; Grace Diebel; Gustavo Coronilla; Keixin Zhang; Henry Peters; Shayda Rishidi; Abbie Cheng; Anna Niubo Bermejo; Florencia Sepúlveda Trucco; Vermouth Li.