Aero- and carbogels from (modified) plant and bacterial cellulose

  • Preparation and characterization of very lightweight aerogels from plant and bacterial cellulose; special emphasis on characterization of the hierarchical pore structure
  • Reinforcement of cellulose aerogels by interpenetrating networks from silica or organic polymers aiming at largely preserving the open-porous structure
  • Preparation of hemocompatible cellulose phosphate aerogels as promising cell scaffold and bone replacement materials
  • Preparation of ultra-lightweight shaped bacterial cellulose aerogels; study of hitherto puzzling surface effects caused by scCO2 drying
  • Bacterial cellulose aerogels as matrices for slow-release applications (wound treatment, cosmetic applications)
  • Preparation of carbogels from cellulosic aerogels for hydrogen storage and supercapacitor applications

Key publications:

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