Switching to the Archive

You can switch to the archive to search and view archived elements via File > Open Archive.

You leave the archive via File > Open Archive

Manual Archiving

If you wish to manually archive one or several messages, select them and then go to Actions -> Move to Archive. The selected messages are then moved into the database of the archive register.

Please note: register structures are automatically generated so as to make sure newly archived emails are stored in the correct folder. 

Automatic Archiving

You can also generate automatic archiving and decide when and how often emails and appointments should be archived by going to Tools > Options > Environment and then going to the register Cleanup.

Automatic archiving will then be done with every start of the GroupWise client. 

If you are syncing your GroupWise archive between different clients using BOKUdrive we strongly recommend using manual archiving over automatic archiving.

Restoring from an Archive

As emails can only be read but not processed in the archive, the following provides information on how archived elements can be restored.

Select the respective email in the archive and restore the file via Actions > Move to Archive.