The Erasmus+ grant only covers the higher living costs in the host country and the grant rates vary by country. The grant ranges between € 420,- und € 520,- per month (2023/24, 2024/25) (consisting of a basic grant from EU funds and a monthly national grant; same conditions and processes as for a regular Erasmus+ mobility). 

Rates for 2023/24

Rates for 2024/25

The grant rates above are indicative and may vary depending on budget availability.

The current Erasmus+ programme provides in addition to the mobility grant also top-ups for:

- Top-ups for fewer opportunities (only one top-up for fewer opportunities possible, also if more categories apply):

  • Study abroad with child(ren): monthly top-up of € 250
  • Stays abroad for people with disabilities/chronic diseases: monthly grant of € 250 and real costs subsidy (also real cost subsidy is possible see here).

Erasmus+ students who are not among the lower opportunity participants identified in Austria, but can still demonstrate a real need for additional financial support on a real cost basis may also apply for inclusion support. These individuals can not receive the top-up for fewer opportunities. The application for this must be submitted to the OeAD and is processed via BOKU-IR.

- Top-up for Green Travel in the amount of € 50,- (one-off payment; valid in the academic year 2023/24)

- Travel allowance for all types of mobility; amount varies depending on the distance and means of transportation (valid in the academic year 2024/25)

70% of the total grant will be paid at the beginning of the stay and 30% after successful completion.

Due to the budget situation, extensions of the Erasmus stay are currently only possible as zero-grant mobility (= Erasmus status & tuition fee exemption remain valid; the same requirements and procedures as for a regular Erasmus+ mobility) possibly in combination with other funding (no EU or federal funding) (please contact the responsible Erasmus+ coordinators ahead of time if you are interested).

For the duration of your semester abroad you are exempt from tuition fees both at BOKU and at the partner university. At BOKU you only have to pay the ÖH student union fee.

Study grant ("Studienbeihilfe") recipients can apply for an extra study grant for studying abroad ("Auslandsstudienbeihilfe") & Erasmus grant can be received at the same time.

Further grants:

  • Some federal states (Bundesländer) provide grants, further details can be found on the website of the Landesregierung.
  • Cultural institutes and embassies also sometimes offer scholarships for students.
  • IMPORTANT: An Erasmus grant must not be combined with another study abroad grant directly financed by the BMWFW, BMBF or another federal unit; also, it must not be combined with other EU grants (e.g. Joint Master degree grant).

Language Courses
Prior to your studies abroad, you can attend a language course if offered by your host university. The credits can be transferred as a free elective course at BOKU. However, there is no additional financial grant for the duration of the language course.

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