The working group Knowledge Systems and Innovation offers various courses for several study programs. Moreover, we offer the possibility to develop and work on Master theses and Dissertations related to questions relating to our research interests.


Our working group represents its research topics through university teaching at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (for example in the study fields of Agricultural Sciences or Organic Farming), at other universities (for example in Erasmus intensive programs, summer schools), as well as via services offered for society at large.

List of courses 2023/2024 (pdf)

Master Theses and Dissertations

We supervise Master theses and Dissertations linked to knowledge systems and innovation in agrarian systems. The topics for Master theses are mostly related to terminated, ongoing and planned research projects.

Master theses supervised in our working group are in general written by students who successfully completed lectures led by Christoph Schunko and Christian R. Vogl. Please contact us in one of the lecturers or per email if you are interested in being supervised. Some specific topics for Master's theses are also announced at the online theses platform.

List of finished master theses, supervised by