At BOKU  the EnvEuro curriculum  at the information website about BOKU studies is the document that is legally binding. You have to stick to the courses in the curriculum to be able to graduate at BOKU!

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2019/20 - valid from October 1, 2019 on

The curriculum is updated every year - please contact the administrative co-ordinator, in case you have questions on the different versions.

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2018/19

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2017/18

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2016/17

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2015/16

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2014/15

EnvEuro Curriculum BOKU 2013/14

Students who are subject to the master´s curriculum Environmental Sciences - Soil, Water, Biodiversity (EnvEuro) (H 066 449, version October 1, 2014) that was in action to date, are entitled to complete their study programme until November 30, 2018, but they can voluntarily switch to the currently valid curriculum.

For general information on the programme please see the EnvEuro Welcome Guide

You can also check the courses at the EnvEuro website of the EnvEuro secretariat. There you will find a programme overview, the courses of the basic semester and the specialisations and a course archive of the former years.