Each student has to make an individual course plan.

ICP BOKU Home University, 2019/20 - Deadline for submission: June 1, 2020

ICP BOKU Host University, 2019/20  - Deadline for submission: November 30, 2019

This excel document helps you to keep track of the courses you have already done and you still have to do at the home and at the host university.  Please be aware that you really have to stick to the curriculum!

ICP BOKU Home University, 2018/19
ICP BOKU Host University, 2018/19

What to do?

  1. Delete all blocks and courses that you do not take and add your free elective courses
    (Please only choose the courses that are necessary to reach the minimum required amount of ECTS. Additional courses must not be listed in the Individual Course Plan. They will be shown in your transcript of records, but not in your graduation documents. Please write (free elective) after the title of your free elective courses.)
  2. Fill in the general information fields
  3. Delete all information on how to fill in the form written in red
  4. Send the draft version (excel-sheet) to the Enveuro tutor enveuro@boku.ac.at to have it checked.
    BOKU host/2nd year: Please also send a scanned copy of the transcript of records of your home university.
    As soon as the document is correct, the Enveuro tutor will forward it to the administrative coordinator and ask you to print and sign it.
  5. As soon as you have the okay from the Enveuro tutor, come with the signed document and the transcript of records of the home university to the consulting hours of the administrative coordinator Ulrike Piringer. (Always check first, when consulting hours are cancelled)
  6. AFTER the administrative coordinator Ulrike Piringer has checked your ICP, please have it signed by the programme coordinator Markus Puschenreiter (BOKU Home University/1st year: together with your ERASMUS learning agreement and the "Äquivalenzliste").
  7. Send a copy of the document with ALL signatures to ulrike.piringer(at)boku.ac.at

Information on free elective courses:
You can choose out of all master courses at BOKU. Exceptions:

  • language courses will not be accepted for your graduation at SCIENCE and SLU
  • always crosscheck, if courses on social skills can be accepted at SCIENCE and SLU

You will need your ICP for your graduation!

BOKU = Host University:
Please have your Individual Course Plan and your Transcript of Records from the partner university checked a semester before your graduation, first at ZIB (administrative coordinator) and then at the Graduation Office (Studienabteilung)
Before you have your documents checked, you have to enter all courses done at the partner university (not BOKU) in your BOKUonline account (one data sheet per course) (info-guide accreditation/recognition).

BOKU = Home University:
Please have the final version of your BOKU ICP (with all signatures) and your transcript of record from BOKU checked at the host university at latest 3 months before you submit the master thesis there.