Academic Degree

NARMEE is a jointly offered degree programme.

The graduates of the master´s programme in Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering who studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague will receive a joint degree „Master of Science“, abbreviated „MSc“, from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, issued jointly with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. The Joint Degree will be issued by that university where the studies had been started („home university“).

The graduates of the master´s programme in Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering who studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and the Lincoln University, New Zealand, are awarded the academic degree „Master of Science“, abbreviated „MSc“, issued only by that university where the studies had been started („home university“).
That means that you will graduate at BOKU according to the BOKU regulations.
You will receive

  • the BOKU graduation documents (Master's Certificate = "Bescheid" in German and English, Certificate of the Final Examination in English including the grades all of courses you did as part of the programme and a diploma supplement showing that NARMEE is a joint degree programme)
  • If you do your exchange at CULS: a parchment signed by the two universities where you studied (BOKU: Vice-Rector, CULS: Rector). This parchment does not (yet) have a legal value in Austria, but it can still be used for international applications.
    The parchment will be issued automatically - you do not have to submit extra documents.

General Requirements

Students have to follow the general BOKU examination regulations:
Graduation To complete the NARMEE programme, you have to have passed all required courses and received a positive grade in the Master's thesis and defence examination. In order to apply for the defence examination, your transcript of records has to show positive grades for all the courses of your Individual Course Plan and your Master's thesis must be finished and evaluated. Please check the currently valid curriculum for detailed information about the examination regulations.

Steps towards Graduation

1. You have to register your Master's thesis when you start working on it.

2. A semester before graduating:
Enter all courses done at the partner university (not BOKU) in your BOKUonline account (one data sheet per course) (info-guide accreditation/recognition).

3. A semester before graduating:
Have your Individual Course Plan and your Transcript of Records from the host university (with signature and stamp, including all exam dates) checked, first at BOKU-International Relations (administrative coordinator) and then - with the signature of the programme coordinator -  at the Study services. You will then receive an e-mail from the Study services, informing you what is missing. Make sure that the missing grades are available in BOKUonline at latest when you submit the required documents for graduating.

4. Organize your defense and submit your Master's thesis and the required documents for graduating at the Study services (Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, 1180 Wien) at latest 3 weeks before the planned defense date

  • Please check the list of documents in paragraph "1. For a defensio" on the website "Graduation from international Master's degree programmes"
  • The documents for the completion of Master's degree programmes are to be sent together by email (studienservices(at) The Master´s thesis must be also submitted electronically to Study Services no later than three weeks before the date of the defensio. Please use BOKUdrive. The instructions can be found here. The graduation documents are only to be issued after a bound copy of the master´s thesis has been submitted to the study services by mail or by appointment.
  • Additional information: The co-supervisor can either use the the BOKU form "Assessment form for Master’s thesisOR he/she can also issue an official letter, signed and stamped, including a short statement about the thesis and a grade (copy sent by e-mail sufficient). The assessment should be sent to the student who submits it together with the other required documents.
  • The Master's thesis defence at BOKU is a presentation and defense of your Master's thesis.
    According to BOKU's "guidelines for the defensio" the student coordinates a date for the defence with two university teachers (professors /"habilitated") - one of them being the main thesis supervisor. The chair for the defence will be appointed by the Graduation Office and has to be a member of a different department than the thesis supervisor. Students may suggest a chair. The defence (45 minutes) consists of a presentation (20 minutes) and a scientific discussion. Further details can be found in the guidelines.
  • Students are asked to arrange the date and place of the defensio with the supervisor, the co-supervisor and the 2nd examiner (and if suggested also the chair - see above) in advance. The final exam can be held by video conference.   When you submit the required documents for graduating, inform the study services about the planned date/place.

5. Register for the graduation ceremony at BOKU (not compulsory).

6. Good luck with your defence!

7. The study services will inform you by e-mail once the graduation documents have been issued. After receipt of the confirmation concerning study-related stays abroad (UHStat2) the graduation documents will be sent to you by email. (Info-Guide UStat - Info-Guide Substitute Code)