Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope (LMD6500)



Microscope stand: DM6000B with fluorescence ill.

Stage: motorised, inserts for slides and culture dishes (30 mm and 50 mm Ø)

CCD camera: DFC310 FX (color)

Laser: 355 nm (pulse freq.: 80 Hz, max. pulse neregy: 50 µJ)



 UVI   6.3x/0.13 CS,  Dry,    (11518145)

 HCX PL FL  10x/0.30   Dry,   PH1,  -/D 11.0   (11506507)

 HCX  PL FL L  20x/0.40  Dry,  PH1,  0 -2 / C  (11506243)            

 HCX  PL FL L   40x/0.60  Dry,  PH2,  XT,   (11506209)

 HCX  PL FL L  63x/0.70  Dry,   PH2   (11506217)

 HCX  PL FL   150x/0.90   0/C  0.25   (11506214)