Leica SP2 laser scanning microscope


This microscope is no longer functional as a confocal system. We are going to make use of it as an epi-fluorescence microscope!


Microscope stand: DM4000 (upright)

Scanning head: SP2 with dichroic mirrors

Stage: manual

Detectors: 3 PMTs + TLD

Lasers: 405 nm (cw 50 mW)

            Argon laser (4 lines)

Objectives (default set):

HC PL FLUOTAR  10x/0.30 CS,  Dry,   (506505)

HC PL APO CS  20x/0.70  Dry,   (5065136)

HCX PL APO CS  40x/1.25 – 0.75  Oil,   (506179)

HCX PL APO CS  63x/1.4 – 0.60  Oil,   (506192)

HCX PL APO CS  100x/1.4 – 0.70  Oil,   (506038)

HCX  APO L  63x/0.90  Water,    UV  -  405  -  I   (506148)

HCX  APO L 40x /0.80  Water,   UV  -  405  -  I