SP5 laser scanning microscope

Microscope stand: DM6000 B

Scanning head: SP5 TCS II with AOBS and resonant scanner (8 kHz)

Stage: motorized

Detectors: 2 HyDs, 3 PMTs + TLD 

Lasers: 405 nm (cw 50 mW)

            Argon laser

            DPSS 561 nm

    HeNe 633 nm

Objectives (default set):

        HC PL APO  CS  10x/0.40 CS,  Dry,  WD: 2.2  (15506285)

        HC PL APO  CS  20x/0.75  ImmCorr, WD: 0.26-0.17  (15506343)

        HCX PL APO  CS  40x/0.85  Dry,  CCorr, WD: 0.21   (15506295)

        HCX PL APO  CS  63x/1.4  Oil,  WD: 0.1   (15506188)

        HCX PL APO  CS  63x/1.3  Gly,  CCorr,  WD: 0.28 (15506194)

        HCX  APO L  40x/0.8  Water, WD: 3.3   (15506155)

        HCX  APO  L  60x/0.9  Water,  WD: 2.2  (15506148)


Software Modules:

Live Data Mode

Dye Finder

FLIP-, FRAP- and FRET-Wizards