SP8-STED super-resolution microscope

Microscope stand: DMi 8

Scanning head: SP8 with AOBS and resonant scanner (8 kHz)

Stage: motorized

Auto-Focus Control

Detectors: 2 HyDs, 2 PMTs + TLD 

Lasers: 405 nm (cw 50 mW)

            STED Laser: 592 nm

            WLL2 (super continuum): tunable between 470nm – 670 nm (step: 1 nm);

Objectives (default set):

        HC PL APO  10x/0.40 CS,  Dry,   (15506285)

        HC PL APO  20x/0.75  ImmCorr CS2   (15506343)

        HC PL APO  20x/0.75  Dry CS2   (15506517)

        HC PL APO  40x/1.3  Oil   CS2   (15506358)

        HC PL APO  63x/1.2  Water,  Corr CS2,   (15506346)

        HC PL APO  63x/1.4  Oil  CS2,   (15506350)

        HC PL APO  100x/1.4 Oil   CS2 STED WHITE  (15506378)


Software Modules:

Live Data Mode

Dye Finder

3D Visualization

FLIP-, FRAP- and FRET-Wizards

SVI Huygens Deconvolution (inc. STED data)

NEW! The system has been upgraded with a FLIM/FCS module in February 2018. The TCSPC electronics is PicoHarp 300 (PicoQuant) and the corresponding SMD data acquisition and analysis software is SymPhoTime SPT 2 (64 bit version, PicoQuant).