Vertex 70 FT-IR spectrometer with Hyperion 2000 microscope

Light source: MIR (Globar) Spectrometer unit: Detector: Mid-infrared Photovoltaic MCT D317/BF, liquid N2 cooled Detector range: 4,800 - 850 cm-1 Beam Splitter: KBr Interferometer: RocksolidTM (with dual retroreflecting cube corner mirrors) Extra modul: PMA 50 for polarization modulation measurements Detector of the PMA modul: photoconductive NB MCT D313/B-A, liquid N2 cooled Detector range: 10,000 - 750 cm-1 Microscope unit: Detector: MCT D326 0 25 (SN J-19374), liquid N2 cooled Stage: motorized x-y stage (75x50) Objectives: 4x (visual observation) 15x 20x ATR (Attention! Refractive index of the crystal is 4! The sample must have a smaller refractive index.) Important: location of the system is not the Imaging Center. The FT-IR setup has been moved to the Department of Nanobiotechnology (Muthgasse 11, 2. floor).