Horiba XploRATM INV Raman microscope

Microscope stand: Nikon Eclipse TiU
Stage: motorized with an Okolab UNO PLUS incubation system
CW Lasers: 532 nm (SS; 100mW)
            785 nm (Diode; 90 mW)
NDD set: 100%, 50%, 25%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%
Gratings: 600 gr/mm, 1200 gr/mm, 1800 gr/mm, 2400 gr/mm
EMCCD (TE cooled); 1600 x 200 pixel; front illuminated Integrated spectrograph: asymmetric Czerny-Turner design of focal length F=200 mm (optimized for a flat field output and with a minimum otical aberration) Spectral resolution (50 µm slit): from 2 cm-1 to 15 cm-1 Confocal lateral (XY) resolution: ≤ 500 nm (with 532 nm laser)

Objectives (default set):

   Plan Fluor EPI  5x/0.15  Dry, WD=23.5 mm   (ZK-5XVIS)

   Plan Fluor  10x/0.3  Dry, WD=15.2 mm   (10X-INV-TiU)

   CFI Apo Lambda S  40x/1.15  Water, CORR WD=0.6 mm  (ZK-40XLWD IM-W-TiU)

   CFI Plan APO  100x/1.45 Oil   WD=0.13 mm  (ZK-100XIM-ÖL-TiU)

   + Objective for Autocalibration (all gratings + all laser lines)