The Core Facility Food & Bio Processing offers research and development services as well as trainings related to process design, pilot-scale sample production as well as product quality and microbiological analyses of food and bio-based materials.

Main focus: academia, food industry, biotechnology and pharma, among others.

Our services can be booked as stand-alone applications or as part of a complex processing chain, combining several technologies.

In addition, research studies can be performed related to process optimization, application of emerging technologies or new raw materials as well as process validation. 

Raw Material Processing and Formulation

Services offered relate to transformation of raw materials of biological origin as well as further processing of liquid and solid products, e.g. mixing and homogenization.
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Moreover, formulation services include different drying technologies as well as extrusion for food and feed production.
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Pilot-scale Food Preparation – Baking and Cooking Technologies

The Core Facility is equipped with an extensive pilot-scale baking laboratory, for trials related to development and optimization of recipes and baking processes.
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Moreover, services related to cooking and frying are offered, covering entire process chains of food production, including packaging and bottling.
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Purification of Ingredients – Downstream Processing

A variety of different pieces of equipment related to the recovery of valuable ingredients from biological samples is available. Technologies include filtration, solid-liquid separation, and extraction.
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Inactivation of Microorganisms

Services of the core facility include processes related to preservation, decontamination, and inactivation of microorganisms, including corresponding microbiological studies, evaluation of product quality, and storage tests.
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Analytics and Trainings

The CF FBP offers analytical services for the evaluation of process-product-structure interactions related to the above-mentioned processes.
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Moreover, trainings and workshops on processes related to food and biotechnology are offered. Specific workshops are available on request.
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