Thermal processing

  • Plate heat exchanger (up to 100 L/h; max. 110 °C)
  • Tubular heat exchanger (up to 50 L/h; UHT)
  • Direct steam injection (up to 50 L/h; UHT)
  • Rotary autoclave (~30 L)
  • Ohmic heating (up to 20 L/h)

Novel technologies for the inactivation of microorganisms

  • Pulsed electric fields / electroporation (up to 20 L/h)
  • High hydrostatic pressure (max. ~500 mL)
  • Cold plasma
  • Pulsed light

Hygienic processing and hygienic design

We further offer services and analyses related to hygienic processing and hygienic design, in cooperation with EHEDG Austria.