Fascination of Plants Day 2015


The "Fascination of Plants Day" of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) takes place this year on 18 May. The objective of the Action Day is to convey the fascination of the plant world and to show its centrality to virtually all areas of life: for agriculture, sustainable production of food, horticulture, forestry, as a raw material for products such as paper, lumber, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and the provision of energy. At the same plants are central to the climate and nature conservation. Under the patronage of Austria´s First Lady, Mrs. Margit Fischer, numerous actions take place in Austria, in the period from  the 9th until the 23rd of May 2015.
Margit Laimer, the Austrian National coordinator of the 'Fascination of Plants Day' (FoPD), is pleased to announce that it was possible to forge a bridge between the plant research and the multiple uses of plants as food, medicine to aesthetic claims in arts. Hopefully it will be possible transmit to the visitors the fascination of the plant world and to show their central importance for virtually all areas of life, particularly if they take the exhibits themselves under a closer look at the individual stations. View of the Austrian activities on the map